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Michael Guss
2 months ago


Sarah Molloy
3 months ago

Hi Kevin! Looking for more info on the festival you’ve been talking about. I can’t seem to find the info on the event in Maine that you said you sell the hot sauce at. Thanks for the great program and keep up the great work!

3 months ago

Hey Kevin. It was a pleasure meeting you and chatting about your podcast - I’ve already added it to my listening rotation.
I got goosebumps when we exchanged stories about the mushroom people. Wild stuff man. Hope your event went well and you have a safe trip home.


4 months ago

Hey folks you do know your episode 109 is ignorant and your guest has no formal education on the human body and the fact you are using phrenology as a way to prove your point just shows how ignorant and stuck in a echo chamber. That’s nice sudo science and baseless claims that your spewing.

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