The Maryland Goatman

Published on 31 March 2024 at 17:14

Since the 1950's there has been stories told of a half goat half man hybrid lurking in Forestville and Upper Marlboro area in Prince Georges County. 


     A genetic experiment gone wrong seems to be the most popular origin story for The Maryland Goatman. Taking place at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Beltsville. Dr. Stephen Fletcher supposedly confessed to crossing D.N.A. of a goat and his assistant William Lottsford. The newly created Goatman would escape the facility and begin attacking cars with an axe and roam the backroads of Beltsville. Although the research center has denied the claims. It has not stopped reports or even the retelling of the story.


     The first reported sighting was in 1957. Eye witness just catching a glimpse of the creature in roaming the woods. It wouldn't be until the 60's that the first violent encounter would take place. A young couple were parking on Fletchertown Road. They were startled by a noise in the woods. Prompting the young man to exit his vehicle to investigate. He never returned. The following day a search for the teen would take place and his severed head was found hanging in the tree above where the couple had parked their car. His body was never found. 

     1962 Goatman was credited with slaying 14 people, 12 of whom were children. A hiking trip gone wrong, the group had apparently traveled to close to the Goatman's home. An unidentified survivor would claim that the Goatman hacked them all to pieces with an axe while making unbearable sounds, quoted as saying "Noises only the Devil would make." But atlas, no factual reports to back up this claim.

     1971 news article: "RESIDENTS FEAR GOATMAN LIVES; DOG FOUND DECAPITATED IN OLD BOWIE" written by Karen Hosler. The Edwards family lost their dog Ginger who was later found by Ray Hayden, John Hayden, and Willie Gheen. Ginger was headless near Fletchertown Road. Hosler connected Goatman to Ginger's death because of a group of teenage girls that included April Edwards who was 16 had heard strange noises and saw a large creature the night of Ginger's disappearance.

     In the 70's Goatman Partie would be held by locals as the creature would become more popular. Much like Bigfoot. Sightings would also increase along Fletchertown Road. Depicted as being 6 foot tall, hairy, bipedal, and making high pitched sounds like squeals. 

     A middle school called St. Mark the Evangelist has had an unknown house behind it for over 30 years. Rumors have spread that the Goatman has been seen around this structure. Some have even claimed to have found bones, knives, saws, and left-over food inside.

     Bowie, Maryland is home of the Crybaby Bridge, which is also known as a spot for Goatman. If you park underneath it, you will hear a baby crying or a goat braying. You might even see Goatman himself.

     Recent sightings in Montpelier Park in Laurel, Maryland has been described as Sasquatch with horns. 

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