Chapter Four

Published on 8 July 2024 at 21:27

I stood in the middle of the street, not really knowing what to do as more screaming came into ear shot. One loud booming roar rang in the distance. They are now aware of us and decending on our position. I can't go home. Even if the tires weren't slashed. Has someone been watching me? Stalking? Was it the dirty man I saw the night prior. The tomato theif? Unsure of what to do next, I just sort of froze. Stuck like I was in shock. The man's hand interrupted my spaced out mind.


"Hey man, you gotta come back and hide with us," he stated with a worried look upon his face.


My eyes met his. I could tell he actually cared for some reason. No one cares about other people these days and I was just about to leave him and his woman to fend for themselves knowing damn well there would be more coming through. I looked down the street and noticed a horde of them headed our way. 


"We would really like for you to stay with us man but, I gotta go back. I'm not standing out here with you." The man turned and ran back toward the barn. I wiped the sweat off of my forehead before turning to follow him. He picked up the ladder and placed it back against the loft before scaling up it. I was close behind him and once I was to the top I quickly turned and pulled the ladder up. Not risking on of them climbing the ladder again. With the help of the man we laid the ladder on it's side across the opening space of the loft and started stacking hay against it. The woman never moved or made a sound. I heard running footsteps go by the outside of the barn and quickly ducked. I handed my pistol to the man while I pulled my rifle onto my chest, gripping the stock near the trigger. Trying to be ready if I needed to open fire on these corpses.


Unsure of what was going to happen next. We laid silently and still. The smell of stale hay overwhelmed my nostrils, I almost sneezed a few time. My face was beginning to feel itchy. You know the feeling when you're rolling around in your yard, especially right after it was freshly mowed. Yeah, that feeling. Feeling fidgety, I was able to maintain my composure as the Geeks began to pour into the barn. I heard the woman let out a slight whimper. So, I began to pray that she was going to stay quiet. I guess I didn't pray hard enough.


We heard heavy footsteps enter the barn and the cows started to get rambunctious. I could hear them calling out in distress as they banged up against their stalls. The bells around their necks ringing uncontrollably as I heard a deep grunting noise. Screams were heard all around, inside the barn and out. There had to be at least one hundred of them swarming the area, But, what the fuck is making the deep growling and heavy footsteps? I wanted to peak so badly but, any movement could alert these fuckers to our position. And that, that would solidify our meeting with death. I don't know these people. I could easily get away on my own. But then, what would be the point of surviving to just throw away my humanity out the window like that? I've seen so much death in the past five years. Frankly, I'm over it. I'd love to see society make a come back, hopefully better than it was before. The greed of our governments and private corporatized companies racking in the dough at the expense of the people. Not just here in America but, everywhere.


Just then I felt wetness on my back. Confused, I thought maybe they were tearing at the boards below us and ripping their own skin to the point their blood was soaking the floor. The woman let out a gasp, but covered her mouth with her hand. I turned and looked at them both through the straws of hay. Contemplating what to do if she can't keep her mouth shut. What timing right? We're literally in the middle of a horde and this kid is like "Well I guess it's time!" Just our luck too. There were several of those things inside here and something that sounded extremely mean. A grunt was heard before I saw a large hand grab ahold the side of the loft. The tips of it's fingers pressed into the hay. Each finger was the size of my head. What the hell is this thing? I could hear the woman trying with all of her will power not to make any noise. The man then moved toward her and made a "shh" sound with his mouth. And then everything went completely silent. It was like I had all of a sudden lost my hearing, you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet. And then, I was falling.


Landing on my back and the man falling next to me. There in front of us stood what looked like to be some sort of giant. It's skin was grey and tearing. There were holes all over it's body. It almost looked like it was bloated like it had died in the water. But, it was massive. It's hands the size of an average human and its head bigger than the ass off the cows. This thing had to be around eight feet tall with large grotesque feet as well. And the smell. Fuck me, that smell was rancid. This thing stood over us as a few of the normal ones that I'm used to decended on the two of us. The woman was still up in the loft. The giant had broke the floor of the loft because it had heard us but it only tore down half. It just so happened to be the half we were on.


I immediately took aim with my rifle and began to put rounds into the huge ugly fucking thing while the man tried to fend off the Geeks. The giant put his hand up like he was trying to shield itself from the bullets. I climber to my feet as I was grabbed from behind. I pulled on this things head and flipped it's body over me so that it was now on the ground in front of me. I quickly pulled my knife off of my hip and drove it into it's head. Grabbing my rifle off of the ground and firing on the group of corpses that were entering the barn as the man climbed to his feet. I took a few out before he was able to begin firing. As soon as his gun began to go off I turned my attention back onto the giant. It was reaching out for me as I began feeding it bullets once more. Again it retracted, trying to cover itself with its hand. Just then for some reason I decided to start shooting it's head. Only a couple rounds entered it's skull before it hit me with the back of it's hand. I was catapolted into one of the stalls. Scrambling to my feet just to watch the man overcome by zombies. He let out a blood curdling scream, I closed my eyes. I was sorry. Guilty even. But, I had no time to dwell on what just transpired, I picked my rifle back up. Almost out of ammo I took aim on the head again, this time after a few rounds, it's head exploded. Blood everywhere. Covering the horde, myself, and the cows.


Another Geek lunged at me and I jabbed it in the head with the stock of my rifle, causing it to stumble backward before taking aim and relieving my magazine of one round and putting it between the eyes of the corpse. While the group that chowed on the man continued to do so, more poured in with their focus on me. I didn't have much ammo left and I need to get these fuckers away from the woman. I yelled "Stay there, I'll be back for you," just before loosing some rounds into the new group that was entering. I turned and ran out of the barn with a large group following me. Unsure with what I was going to next and how I was going to help this lady, she was clearing going into labor and I would be absolutely useless. But, I do know with out me. She doesn't stand a chance at all. So, I did what I do best. I ran, they followed. Headed for the woods and as I did so, I began to recieve flash backs of the night my dad was taken from me. He told me to run and not to look back. I listened.

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