Chapter Three

Published on 23 June 2024 at 21:04

Tears flowed from the woman's eyes as I rubbed the back of my head. She began to hysterically speak in spanish. Which, I could understand a little bit. The gist of her words were basically pleading for their lives and her unborn child. Saying she was hungry and needed food and they found the cows by passing by and other things I couldn't make out. She pointed at the man on the ground who also had tears forming in his eyes, as I'm sure they both assumed I would kill them. Although I was fairly pissed off about having a gun pointed at my head and being struck with a shovel. I would never do such a thing. I'm not sure if they wouldn't have killed me though. 


I quickly popped the magazine out of the man's pistol and pulled back the slide to remove the round the was nestled in it's chamber. Noticing he only had three rounds all together. Tossing him the empty pistol before inserting the third round from the chamber into the magazine. The man picked up his pistol and then stood up while I pocketed his magazine. He wiped the tears from his eyes with one hand while he stuffed his pistol into his waist band with the other. He then went to the woman's side and hugged her and began to attempt to calm her down.


"I'm not going to hurt you," I said as I raised my hands in the air away from my firearms.


"We didn't want to hurt you. But, we didn't know what you would do if you found us," stated the man as he released the woman and stood boldly in front of her.


"I get it. I assume she thought she was going to knock me out with that shovel." I chuckled a little bit as I said this, it caused the man to crack a smirk.


"Can we just take some milk and water for the road?"


"You can, but it's not very safe on the roads. And she's going to be loud giving birth. Have you thought about getting somewhere to protect yourself in that event?"


"Every second of every day. No matter where we go, someone or something runs us off," said the man as he wiped a tear from his eye.


Just then we heard screaming in the distance. As we stared at each other, both of our eyes widened with fear. Instantly, I reached into my pocket and pulled the man's magazine out and tossed it to him. I pointed to the loft above the cows where there were hay bails. I turned toward the barn door and dropped my rifle from my shoulder and gripped in both my hands before taking aim at the barn entrance. The woman climbed the ladder first as the man inserted his magazine into his pistol. He pulled the slide to force the first round into the chamber before climbing the ladder behind the woman. As the screams became louder, it was now my turn to climb. As quickly as I possibly could I did so. Diving at the top behind a stack of hay and landing next to the two people I found in here. The man began to cover the woman with hay so that she would not be seen if one of those things came up the ladder. "Shh," I blurted out as we heard footsteps enter the barn. Sounded like a couple of them. Growling and chomping their teeth.


The man covered his mouth with his hand so that these things wouldn't be able to hear his breathing. I slowly raised my rifle at the ladder just in case a Geek decided to climb up here. We listened as they flipped things over, kicked buckets, and randomly screamed at the top of their lungs. I could hear the woman let out a whimper every time a scream was made.


After a tense ten minutes we no longer could the monsters inside the barn. There were some awful sounds outside, but I felt is was safe to at least sit up. So, that's what I did. And as I did so, the floor beneath me creaked. Which caught the attention of one of them standing near the door and it came running back inside screeching. I could see it standing at the bottom of the ladder looking around. Oddly enough, these things don't seem to eat animals. They crave human flesh, which i would of thought they would eat anything with a beating hear. It's super weird and I am super interested in finding out the answer to that question, although i know I will never know.


Staying as still as I possibly could the thing ended up walking into the ladder. Then it proceeded to rage out against the ladder before stopping and then slowly peering up to the loft. I could see it looking like it knew it could climb up to see what was up here, but it wasn't completely sure if it could. Knowing it could see me through the hay, it ended up staring in my direction like we were making eye contact. Left me feeling uneasy. I wanted to lay back down but I didn't want to make a sound to attract it to coming up into the loft. My heart felt like it was about to pound out of my chest. I began to wonder if they could hear it. In that moment of thought the thing put it's foot on the first step of the ladder. I swallowed hard and gripped my rifle tight. It then grabbed ahold of the ladder with both hands and pulled itself up. I stayed stationary for a moment when in the spur of the monet i jumped up to my knee, aimed at it's head and squeezed the trigger. It's head exploded and the body dropped to the ground.


The man yelled "What the fuck are you doing?"


I kicked the ladder off the loft and it slammed to the ground as three more of those things entered the barn. Screaming and chomping their teeth. They were definitely aware of us up in the loft now but, I was not going to chance that Geek climbing all the way up here.


"Now we're stuck up here," shouted the man as he sat up.


"Only until they lose interest," I stated as I sat down. "Or I could shoot them all in the head."


"And attract more?"


"It would give us a window to get out of here."


"There's nowhere to go," shouted the man as the woman sat up out of the pile of hay she was under.


"Well, I have a place to go. You guys can stay here. Maybe even give birth up here. They clearly cannot get up here." 


"You have a safe place?"


"You're not welcome," I snapped as I quickly drew on the three remaining geeks. One by one picking them off before jumping down from the loft. Kind of hurt my knee on the landing but I'll live.


"Please, take us with you," pleaded the man from the loft. 


"I'll return tomorrow with some food. She definitely needs it."


I exited the barn to see my ATV had all four tires slashed. If they really needed to get out of here, why wouldn't they have just taken off on it. Quickly I walked back into the barn and looked up at the man sitting there trying to console his woman who was sobbing. "Why the hell did you slash my tires?"


"What? We didn't do that."


"Well then who the hell did?" I asked sternly but the man only shrugged when I noticed one of the cows were missing. What the fuck is going on here. I looked in her stable and saw that her rope was cut. I followed her tracks out to the road where I saw another on of those things slowly walking in my direction. This had to be the tomato theif. But where did he take my cow?

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