Chapter Two

Published on 16 June 2024 at 21:08

The chain link fence was cold to the touch as I pressed against it to watch this man run down the path before disappearing. Should I have killed him? What if he comes back with friends and takes everything that I have? I have plenty of guns and ammo. I don't use much of that anymore so I feel like I could defend against an attack from hungry scavengers. Not once have I really seen a zombie or a person down here. That's twice today, first the geek across the river and now this guy. I hope I scared him enough to not come back. But, I'd prepare for the worse and hope for the best.


Walking into the dam house, I went straight for a curtain in the back corner. Pulled it back to reveal my bed and a couple monitors. Yeah, my dad was no joke. He set up cameras all around this place, mainly to see if anything happens at night, we'd be able to see it. This used be his bed. My twin bed was in the back corner next to another twin bed where my sister used to sleep. Man, I miss them. But, I watched the monitors and rewound to the point where I saw the man slowly walk down the path and stop to stare at me. He definitely seemed like he already knew I was down here. Did he follow me back from my run this morning? What are his intentions? Not really sure if I'll ever get the answers to those questions but then I thought, maybe I should have offered him some food. I mean, I have plenty. He looked a little starved. The way he crept down the path was a clear indication he seemed to know something about this place. But him stopping and allowing me to see him was the only weird part. Hell, I'm more confused than anything at this moment.


Who was shooting? I thought while I watched the replay on the monitors. The gun fire was to far for it to have been this dirty malnourished man. Are there other survivors here? Or are they back in town looking for me. Or looking for others to take like they took my dad. I could feel the anxiety building up inside of me and my leg began to bounce as I sat there on the edge of the bed. They would have to kill me in order to take me anywhere. But, at the same time, what it were someone trying survive out there? Some of them are fast and seem to have super stremgth. Although I haven't seen any of those around here in over a year, the possibilty still lingers.


I stood up from the bed and walked over to a large locker that stood next to the door. I pulled it open to several firearms hanging inside. Pulling out a military grade M-16 with a shoulder strap attached to it and setting it down on the bench that resided right next to it. The bench is where we modify and check our weapons before going out into the world. If you guessed than yes, you were right. My father was former military and from what I heard growing up from others in his unit, he was a damn good soldier as well. A Navy Seal, resposible for saving countless lives. I respected him for that. I looked up to him not only for that reason but because he was an exceptional human being and an amazing example of what a man should be. I wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for him. But, after laying my gun on the bench I reached below the bench and pulled out a flak jacket that was equipped with several pockets. Putting it on and strapping it to fit me snug before reaching back into the locker to pull out ammo. I filled the pockets with ammo before grabbing the rifle. Shutting the locker and then inserting a magazine into the M-16 and pulling the bolt action to load the weapon. Checking to see that the safety was on before slinging it over my shoulder. My pistol was still on my hip as I walked out of the bunker. It's not much of a bunker but I do like to call it that sometimes. As I walked outside I noticed that the sun was beginning to set. I patrolled the perimeter while the earth began to loose it's light. I can't go to sleep tonight, not with this random guy on my mind. And if it has something to with those who took my dad. I'm going to take out the majority of them before they ever get close enough to put their hands on me.


There is a larger building that stood right next to the dam. In fact, part of the protection was a part of the building. So, there is a path that runs between the building and the river that leads up to a gate large enough for a vehicle to drive through. The garage door faces this fence and is where I go when I leave on a sled or ATV. This building takes up that corner and then the fence runs from the building along behind a couple of tall spruce trees. This part is the top of the dam. Where the water pools before heading over the fall. This is also where the animals and gardens are. And another gate that fits only people, that leads into what used to be a parking lot for whatever this building used to be. I think it was a factory of some kind. Regardless of what it was it was still a large buidling that provided cover. 


I found myself sitting in a chair in front of the top gate. Where I saw the sickly looking man earlier in the day. The sun had completely vanished from the surface of the earth at this point. So, there I sat with my hands gripped tightly on my firearm, just waiting for this guy to come back. All i could here were the crickets and the frogs. Other than the night was quiet. The man never returned and I was exhausted from staying awake all night. As the sun began to rise and I could see the land once again. I decided to go get some rest real quick. There wasn't much I needed these days but, there was a Dairy Farm up the street and I had been taken care of the cows. Trying my best to keep the healthy so that I can get milk so I can make cheese and butter. I will say I did kill one for it's meat. I know dairy cows aren't beef cows but, the meat was still good. All that protein keeps me going everyday. I need to keep myself strong so yeah. I've killed a cow.


I woke up to a bright sun. It was fairly warm out but I could tell it wasn't quite noon yet. Instead of going for my morning run I decided to water the plants. I had a large container of water that collects rain water that I would dunk my watering bucket into to fill and then water everything. It usually takes me about 20 minutes to get through watering everything properly. Watering a couple tomato plants I had in buckets along the edge of the river when I noticed a few tomatoes had been picked. Instantly irritated and anxious I ran back into the dam house and went directly to the monitors. I reviewed the footage and then I saw it. In the lower left hand corner of one of the cameras over the garden I noticed a figure in the water approaching the shore. It was the man I saw. The time on the video read 8:36 am. about two and half hours after I had gone to bed. He reached up from the water and pulled about three or four tomatoes off the stem and swam off. He could've done a lot worse. He could've raided the entire garden although the corn is not ready and most of them aren't he could've taken chickens and eggs. But, he just took tomatoes. Obviously this guy is just hungry and the fact he came back just for a little biut of food and not to run me out of here with a group of people tells me that he is most likely alone. And then I started to feel bad. Should I have offered him some food when I saw him yesterday?


A few hours later I found myself sitting on the edge of the dam with my feet in the water playing my harmonica. I had just ate lunch which was just two eggs and a cucumber. Only wearing shorts and my pistol, getting my tan on! The sound of the waterfall and the harmonica was absolutely the most relaxing time I ever get for myself here. I've been alone for three years and I don't know if I am even capable of interacting with another human. I talk to the animals though. They don't speak words but they do communicate. Which reminds me I do have to go check on the farm. Make sure the cows are in good shape. I stood up from my seated postion to go get ready for the ride to the farm when I heard a gun blast off in the distance. It was to far to tell where it was coming from. Was it that man? When I heard it yesterday it was pretty far as well and then seeing him outside the fence was to soon for that distance to have been covered. Are their more survivors in this area. Or was it them? I can't risk going to the farm if they're back up in this area. At the same time I do feel like it would be more than just one gunshot if it were them. They take more shots at these things than necessary. But, my guess is as good as yours. Can't know for certain unless I'm out there.


Regardless, the cows need to be checked on. So, once again I secured my flack jacket to my torso. Armed myself with an M-16 and still had my pistol on my hip. Yes, I do have a shirt on as well. Shoes even, as much as I'd like to remain barefoot, when it's time to run. I'd like to be as fast as possible. Bare feet kind of  make that impossible. I started up an ATV and opened the garage door and then opened the gate. Driving the ATV out before going back to shut the garage door and then the gate. Stuffing the key into my pocket before hoping onto the ATV and taking off down the trail and going around the large factory building and up the overgrown road before reaching the main road. The earth was reclaiming the land around houses and the road. Cars were crashed into one another all over the place and a few houses had been burnt down. Give it another five years and it probably wont look like houses or the roads had ever even been here.


Arriving on the farm to see the fence I rebuilt was still holding strong. There were a few cows grazing and then a handful inside the barn laying down. The grass in the corral was short thanks to the cows. Made it easier to walk around with them. I opened the gate to the corral and drove the ATV inside. Killing the engine and then closing the gate behind me. I walked around the field checking on all the cows that were outside. petting them and hugging them before going inside. Three of them were laying down and one was standing drinking the last of the water. I had another large tube here that caught rain water and I had it hooked to some PVC piping that led to the water troth inside the barn. All i had to do was turn the flap and water would flow into the troth. So, that's what I did until the troth was full.


"There you go, girl." I said to the one drinking as I petter her. Gave her a nice tight hug before going to grab a bucket to milk her. Once I returned to her with the bucket, I slowly placed it underneath her utters. Now I'm not a professional cow milker. I never worked on a Dairy Farm in my life but, I have found it super easy to milk them while they're drinking water. They also don't drink very fast, they're very slow. As I knelt down and grabbed ahold of an utter I felt the cold of steel press against the back of my head. Right behind my ear where my hairline is.


"Put your hands up and slowly stand," said the voice of a man.


"Killing me isn't in your best interest," I exclaimed as I raised my hands.


"You have no idea what's in my best interest." He said this as I was standing and without and hesitation once I arose, I turned grabbing the pistol. He squeezed the trigger and put a round through the ceiling. At the same time the gun blasted, my right fist met his jaw and knocked him off of his feet. Standing over him now with his pistol in my left hand the man began to quiver and raise his hands. He looked scared. Obviously, well maybe not to him. But I wasn't going to kill him. The geeks do enough of that shit. Also, in case you were wondering, this was not the man who stole my tomatoes.


"Relax, I'm not going to hurt you," I stated just before the head of a shovel hit me in the back of the head. I stumbled foreword and then turned to see a woman with tears swelling her eyes. I looked back down at the man who was also beginning to tear up. "Well, did you want to kill me?"


The woman shook her head no as she threw down the shovel. And then I noticed it. She was pregnant. Her messy hair and dirty skin made me relize they were just looking for food and shelter. These people are alos most likely the reason I've been hearing gunfire. But is the dirty, matted, tomato stealer apart of this faction?


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